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Clubs & Hotels

Clubs and Hotels require a unique set of features to effectively sell and manage stock. Our systems provide accurate stock control down to the last drop with management functions for wastage, direct and indirect items, interfaces to flow control systems etc. Restaurant/Bistro meal tracking through our restaurant module as well as in depth reporting for all of the above.

Of course the stock control and management is only half of the picture, our systems also include functionality to promote your business and attract more patrons such as product promotions, customisable customer loyalty system, raffles, bar tabs, customer accounts and more. Everything you need to drive your business to success without the endless hours and paperwork.

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Special Price FilesCustomer AccountsSales BatchesElectronic Invoicing & OrderingSupplier Stock CodesMulti-Location Stock Control

Special Price Files

Customer Accounts

Some businesses need to store and track purchases made by their customers and settle payments at the end of the week or month.Customer Accounts are generated in Ideal Retail Pro with this information being updated in real-time(Selected ECR model only).Customer invoicing can also be performed with extensive reports and customer statements made available.

Sales Batches

Uploaded sales from ECRs are stored in Sales Batches.A separate Sales Batch is created for each ECR during a Sales Upload.Reports can be viewed or printed for Sales Batches.When a Sales Batch is processed, the information it contains is posted to the sales and stock data in IRP. Sales Batches can be processed automatically when the sales are uploaded or they can be processed manually at a later time. Typically, Sales Batches would be uploaded but not processed while entry of a stocktake is in progress.

Electronic Invoicing & Ordering

Electronic Invoicing and Ordering is supported for several Liquor suppliers including ALM,HLW,ILG and lnnkeeper.

Supplier Stock Codes

Supplier Stock Codes are designed to allow you to record the stock codes used by your supplier.You can have mulitiple codes for multiple suppliers associated with the one Stock Item,as you may purchase the item from than one source.

Multi-Location Stock Control

Ideal Retail Pro Premium supports Multi-Location Stock Control so that each area or remote site is responsible for their stock. Stock items can be enabled or disabled by location so your stocktake forms only show the items that are sold in that location. Stock transfers can be entered manually or via a Portable Data Entry unit.Advanced Stock Control reports include Stock Movement,Stock Transactions, Stock Write-offs, Stock Transfers and more.

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