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The hospitality industry is renowned for top level customer service and keeping your patrons happy is the first priority when managing your Restaurant. You need a POS System that can help you monitor the status of each table, so you can check how long your guests have been seated, when they ordered and who is serving them – a system that can keep track of the progress of every meal.

Our Point of Sale Systems have been developed over the years to include many features to help restaurant owners manage their daily operations, productivity and profitability.

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Centralized SQLEmail FacilityGraphical Table LayoutPromotionsEmployee LogClerk SecurityReservationsRecipe CostingStock ControlIPS Table ServerPOS ScreenCredit NotesScalesEftposGift VouchersCustomer LoyaltyCustomer DatabaseShelf & Product Labels

Centralized SQL

As standard, Ideal POS System runs in peer-to-peer mode using locally stored MS Access Secured Databases. For larger sites, we recommend the IPS SQL Server Centralized Database. Each POS Terminal still has its own local MS Access database; however all data is stored centrally allowing storage of more data and less network traffic.

Email Facility

Customer Tax Invoices and Statements can be sent directly to your customers using Ideal POS System’s built-in Email Server. Purchase Orders can also be emailed directly to your Suppliers.

Graphical Table Layout

With the Graphical Table layout, you can see at a glance the status of each table.When your guests arrive,you can’occupy’ the table on table map which will notify you if they have been seated for too long while waiting to be served.

As their orders are taken,information is updated in the details screen of each table.You can easily transfer specific items on one table to another table, or transfer the entire table to another table if you guests decide to move.


Idealpos contains many different options for creating and maintaining promotions within your store. ‘Buy 2 for $5′ and ‘Spend $10 and get another for $1′ are some examples.

Employee Log

Would you like to Know when your busy periods are and how much is being spent on wages? Ideal POS System includes Employee Logging as standard with the ability to enter the average hourly rate for each staff member so you can compare your sales to your labour costs.The employee log can be edited from the back office to change any hours recorded or if staff forget to log out.

Clerk Security

Secure your Ideal POS System by enabling the compulsory clerk security features.Clerk can log onto the system by entering their clerk code,swiping a magnetic card or using a proximity clerk wrist-band. Each function of the Graphical Table layout can be locked depending on your level of security. These functions include deleting items from a table, finishing tables, table transfers,and printing and paying bills.


Manage your reservations with Ideal POS System’s fully integrated Reservations Module.Ensure your staff take phone bookings correctly,with Ideal POS System guiding them through the correct order in which to take the reservation. Reservations are entered by selecting the day, number of guests and time.
As you type the name and number for the booking,Ideal POS System displays any matching names or numbers to retrieve easily previous booking history.You can recall the last time they dined with you, who served them, which table they had, and what they ate.

Recipe Costing

Calculate the cost of each meal by entering the recipes into Ideals POS System.Purchased products with their cost price are entered with recipes created as ‘Indirect Item’ to calculate an accurate cost of the meal. When purchases are entered into Ideal POS System,thelast and average cost prices are updated, which automatically recalculates the cost of each meal.

Stock Control

Stock-taking is easy, fast and flexible with Ideal POS System. All Our sales data is sent in real-time,with our stock-take procedure allowing the operator to take a’snap-shot’ of the current stock levels before commencing a stock-take.Once the stock has been physically counted, the operator can start selling the items even without finalizing the stock-take procedure and entring the stock-take into the system.

Once the stock-take has been entered and variance and valuation reports printed, the updated stock levels will then be re-calculated to provide the system with a new opening stock level.

IPS Table Server

Centralised Table Management protects tables from being accessed while in use and ensures consistent data between POS Terminals. The system can be changed to peer-to-peer mode without loss of data if connection to the IPS Table Server is disconnected during service.

POS Screen

You’ll never run out of space or memory to program your entire menu into ideal POS System.From the main screen, you can program up to 9 layers with 54 button on each layer.Each button can open up more lists of items and so on.Choose from alphabetically sorted menus,each with their own choice of back colour,font colour,font style and size.

You can program new menus in advance and load them on the day your new menu is implemented.A breakfast,lunch and dinner menu can also be created to separte the items and only display which items can be sold for that time of the day.

Credit Notes

If a Customer returns a product for a refund,you can issue a Credit Note instead of a cash refund.The credit amount and customer’s details are recorded within Ideal POS System.You can print reports to show both redeemed and unredeemed Credit Notes.

Credit Notes are used for the returning of goods into your store, but instead of giving them back the tender they purchased with, you give them a Credit Note to the value of those goods in your store. It acts like a Gift Voucher in that it cannot be redeemed for cash, and must be spent in your store.

Credit notes can be redeemed at any store if your POS terminals are connected over a VPN Internet Connection. You can also set the validity period and pre-program up to 10 reasons why the customer has been issued with a Credit Note.



Scales can be connected to your ideal POS system so each weighed item can have its price per kilo pre-programmed, allowing accurate sales entry and speedy service.Items can be ticked as ‘scale items’ in the database, which matches the item to the weight from the scale. Ideal POS System supports most scale brands including Mettler Toledo, PSC Magellan, Digi, Tec, Cas and Acom. Items that have already been weighed and labeled with the price can be scanned, with the ’programmable barcode’ allowing for the retrieval of the price and the product code from the barcode number.

If your service station includes fresh goods that require weight measurement at the point of sale, Idealpos integrates with many different scale options that can fill this requirement.


EFTPOS terminals can be interfaced directly to ideal POS System to eliminate operator mistakes and improve speed of service.When customers choose to pay by EFTPOS,simply select an EFTPOS tender to finalise the sale and EFTPOS software will complete the process and print the receipts.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be sold with the dollar value and name recorded within ideal POS System. You can print reports to show both redeemed and unredeemed gift vouchers. the Gift Voucher number can be automatically generated or you can enter a Gift vouchers number from a Gift Certificate or Card.

Customer Loyalty

You can reward your customers by offering points for particular items or on the total dollar value of the sale. Customers can redeem the points for items offered on promotion or use them towards paying for their next transaction.

Customer Database

Our software comes standard with a complete customer database to allow you to have various types of customers, including lay-by,credit note, account and loyalty customers. You can add new customers during a sale and enter their personal contact details including phone number, postal and delivery address,email,gender,birth month,company,occupation,marital status and much more.

Shelf & Product Labels

Shelf and Product Labels can be generated from the items stored in the database and exported to every design Pro labeling software.The process of printing labels is fully automated with label formats to suit any shape and size label. When stock purchases are enterd into the system, you can tick an option to automatically print the correct quantity of shelf or product labels for each item.

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