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Executive POS Systems has retail specific products to suit the smallest corner store to multi-lane supermarkets. Even our basic system includes features the big guys use to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability for your business.

Our retail software can interface with a large variety of equipment such as barcode scanners, electronic scales, scanner/scale combos, integrated eftpos, e-commerce websites, customer loyalty systems etc. allowing us to provide a complete and customizable solution for any retail business.

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Credit Notes

If a Customer returns a product for a refund,you can issue a Credit Note instead of a cash refund.The credit amount and customer’s details are recorded within Ideal POS System.You can print reports to show both redeemed and unredeemed Credit Notes.

Credit Notes are used for the returning of goods into your store, but instead of giving them back the tender they purchased with, you give them a Credit Note to the value of those goods in your store. It acts like a Gift Voucher in that it cannot be redeemed for cash, and must be spent in your store.

Credit notes can be redeemed at any store if your POS terminals are connected over a VPN Internet Connection. You can also set the validity period and pre-program up to 10 reasons why the customer has been issued with a Credit Note.



A Lay-by message can be printed at the bottom of the receipt with terms and conditions,with a default maximum lay-by period and minimum deposit options.Customers can hold multiple lay-by and pay them off separately or all together in one transaction.Ideal POS System records any items that are Kept on lay-by as a separate stock level,so you can see what stock you have that can be sold,and what stock is held for lay-by customers.


Scales can be connected to your ideal POS system so each weighed item can have its price per kilo pre-programmed, allowing accurate sales entry and speedy service.Items can be ticked as ‘scale items’ in the database, which matches the item to the weight from the scale. Ideal POS System supports most scale brands including Mettler Toledo, PSC Magellan, Digi, Tec, Cas and Acom. Items that have already been weighed and labeled with the price can be scanned, with the ’programmable barcode’ allowing for the retrieval of the price and the product code from the barcode number.

If your service station includes fresh goods that require weight measurement at the point of sale, Idealpos integrates with many different scale options that can fill this requirement.


EFTPOS terminals can be interfaced directly to ideal POS System to eliminate operator mistakes and improve speed of service.When customers choose to pay by EFTPOS,simply select an EFTPOS tender to finalise the sale and EFTPOS software will complete the process and print the receipts.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be sold with the dollar value and name recorded within ideal POS System. You can print reports to show both redeemed and unredeemed gift vouchers. the Gift Voucher number can be automatically generated or you can enter a Gift vouchers number from a Gift Certificate or Card.

Stock & Sales Reports

Ideal POS System has a wide range of stock and sales reports to choose from.All our report except our real-time stock level reports are date range based. This means you can easily access previous historical data by entring from-and -to date range,or selecting from the calendar.

Customer Loyalty

You can reward your customers by offering points for particular items or on the total dollar value of the sale. Customers can redeem the points for items offered on promotion or use them towards paying for their next transaction.

Customer Database

Our software comes standard with a complete customer database to allow you to have various types of customers, including lay-by,credit note, account and loyalty customers. You can add new customers during a sale and enter their personal contact details including phone number, postal and delivery address,email,gender,birth month,company,occupation,marital status and much more.

Shelf & Product Labels

Shelf and Product Labels can be generated from the items stored in the database and exported to every design Pro labeling software.The process of printing labels is fully automated with label formats to suit any shape and size label. When stock purchases are enterd into the system, you can tick an option to automatically print the correct quantity of shelf or product labels for each item.

POS Interface

Ideal POS System’s easy to use POS interface is Flexible and can be customized to suit your business. There are a number of ways to enter a sale with most retail business using barcode scanners to accurately record sales. You can also program items on the POS screen, scroll through alphabetical menus, type in a product code, browse through images of your products, or use the item search Facility to search by description,scan code or product code. Function buttons that perform voids,no-sales, discounts, and refunds can be put in any position or moved to a separate menu layer so only authorized staff can access them.

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