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Service Stations

Idealpos has the ability to offer a professional and integrated solution for service stations that also want to use the Idealpos Point of Sale System. Many systems cannot integrate between the services that are required in these unique environments, but the solution provided by Idealpos can do just that and more.

Although it seems like a simple thing, to put a POS System into a service station, it is anything but. Service stations on their own require professional and regulated equipment that performs time and again with repeated use, usually by the general public who give no thought to how fuel is delivered, stored, supplied and equated.

At the same time, being able to run a service station that sells more than just fuel, from hot pies, cold drinks, ice cream, newspapers and other grocery type items, requires a specialized Point of Sale system that can handle it.

Idealpos has written an interface with the POSTEC Fuel Console, which seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds. Incorporating world class Point of Sale functionality from Idealpos, with regulated and certified POSTEC Fuel control software and hardware, a service station can be up to date with the latest in technology.

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PromotionsBar Code scanning and Label PrintingHead Office and Franchise SitesComplete user guideFully certified integration with POSTECDiscount OptionsSub-AccountsStock ControlScalesEftpos


Idealpos contains many different options for creating and maintaining promotions within your store. ‘Buy 2 for $5′ and ‘Spend $10 and get another for $1′ are some examples.

Bar Code scanning and Label Printing

Being able to serve people quickly and efficiently is paramount in this environment, and with Idealpos able to both read barcodes on products, as well as print barcodes for products that don’t have them already.

Head Office and Franchise Sites

It doesn’t matter if you own one or many service stations. If you want them all to integrate at your head office where you can easily view and report back on combined or separate sales, we can do that.

Complete user guide

Complete user guide of the integration detailing setup instructions and performing a sale.

Fully certified integration with POSTEC

Fully certified integration with POSTEC software and dedicated interface. POSTEC software controls the fuel pumps of service stations. The interface allows Idealpos to connect to the Fuel console to retrieve the litres of fuel. Idealpos is programmed with the price per litre, so when the petrol pump number is pressed on the console, the amount in litres is transferred to Idealpos, and the dollar amount is automatically calculated.

Discount Options

Cents per Litre Discount option, along with full reporting.

Ability to use the Coles discount fuel vouchers and ability to report on them.



Many service stations will have a lot of repeat business from local business operators requiring fuel and other items for their fleet of vehicles. Using Sub-Accounts, you can have a Master Account that is setup for the business as a whole, with each sub-account keeping track of each vehicle or employees transactions.

Stock Control

Stock-taking is easy, fast and flexible with Ideal POS System. All Our sales data is sent in real-time,with our stock-take procedure allowing the operator to take a’snap-shot’ of the current stock levels before commencing a stock-take.Once the stock has been physically counted, the operator can start selling the items even without finalizing the stock-take procedure and entring the stock-take into the system.

Once the stock-take has been entered and variance and valuation reports printed, the updated stock levels will then be re-calculated to provide the system with a new opening stock level.


Scales can be connected to your ideal POS system so each weighed item can have its price per kilo pre-programmed, allowing accurate sales entry and speedy service.Items can be ticked as ‘scale items’ in the database, which matches the item to the weight from the scale. Ideal POS System supports most scale brands including Mettler Toledo, PSC Magellan, Digi, Tec, Cas and Acom. Items that have already been weighed and labeled with the price can be scanned, with the ’programmable barcode’ allowing for the retrieval of the price and the product code from the barcode number.

If your service station includes fresh goods that require weight measurement at the point of sale, Idealpos integrates with many different scale options that can fill this requirement.


EFTPOS terminals can be interfaced directly to ideal POS System to eliminate operator mistakes and improve speed of service.When customers choose to pay by EFTPOS,simply select an EFTPOS tender to finalise the sale and EFTPOS software will complete the process and print the receipts.

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