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On site pre-sales consultation at no charge:

Yes we come to you! Our pre-sales consultation is designed to allow us to become familiar with your business and methods of operation so we can be sure to address all current areas of difficulty and ensure the right combination of software and hardware. All too often sales staff will sell mismatched systems to close a sale quickly rather than providing the right tools for the job. Our goal is to build a database of satisfied clients not just grab the money and run like so many of the big retailers. The success of both our business and our clients businesses relies on building long term business relationships with suitable products and service to take us into the future.

Written itemized quotes with no hidden extrasAll of our quotes detail all products and services required to complete your installation to your satisfaction. There are no hidden extras – GST, delivery costs, training, etc are included and the quoted price is firm. Nothing leaves a sour taste faster than having your new system almost in place and then – “by the way you also need this last component and it will be $$$$ – did I forget to tell you?” No Thanks!

Full on-site installation and programming

When you’re happy with the system and quote provided it’s time for us to get busy, our staff will liaise with you regarding your stock and required configuration during the installation process, you can provide as much or as little input as you like and we will do our best to ensure the system operates to your expectations.

Interactive operator training

Also during the installation we will require some time from either you or your staff members for interactive training. This means tasks will be set to be completed by members of your business such as stock entry, invoice entry, etc. This is very important as it means when the installation is completed and we hand the system over you will have a live trading system and staff familiar with the daily operations.


Of course after we hand the system over you won’t be alone, we’re only a phone call or email away and will be happy
to assist in any way we can via the following:
Dial-in support via the internet
Hotline phone support
After hours support
On-site service and warranties
Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements


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